December 7, 2019 CQB Wolfe City, Texas

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INtro to CQB

December 7, 2019 Wolfe City Texas, between Greenville and Bonham

Class cost is $285 per person

Intro to CQB is a 6-7 hour course dealing with the principles of CQB. Students will be introduced to the basic concepts of free flow CQB and will make numerous dry runs using "glass house" of "tape drills" on the flat range.  THIS CLASS IS NOT A HIGH LIVE FIRE ROUND COUNT. (SEE BELOW)

Areas addressed include:

Weapon selection, kit evaluation and setup

Priorities of work



Center fed room

Corner fed room

Room Entries

Follow on rooms


L- Intersection

T- intersection

Re Clear

Equipment requirements:

Clothing, support gear and footwear suitable for outdoor firearms training, rain or shine 

Handgun and/or carbine


Magazine pouches

BELT holster for handgun

Sling for carbine

Hearing and eye protection

100-200 rounds of ammunition per weapon system (see below)

Water, snacks.  No dedicated lunch break will be taken


Plate carrier, load bearing vest, helmet, tactical"kit"

Here's the SEE BELOW

EVERYONE will start out dry, no rounds fired. CQB is a VERY MENTALLY engaging undertaking, and some students will become overwhelmed.  Most are safe weapon handlers on a static flat range. However, there are those that cannot demonstrate safe weapon handling techniques in the confines of CQB and moving in close proximity to others.  We are there to help you work through any issues.  BUT.... and read this carefully BEFORE YOU REGISTER...

Repeated and /or FLAGRANT safety violations WILL  reduce your participation in the class. You may be asked to move your weapons to your vehicle and be allowed to WATCH, you may be removed from the training completely, and asked to leave the premises, you may ONLY be allowed to participate in dry run practice and you may not fire one round all day.  NONE OF THESE CONDITIONS WILL RESULT IN A REFUND OF THE CLASS FEE. 

If you have questions regarding your suitability for the class please contact before registration.  You don't have to be skilled at nor understand the concept of CQB before the class... that's why you're coming.   YOU DO HAVE TO BE SAFE. PERIOD

Class is set for December 7, 2019 starting at 0830 and ending around 3-4PM. There will be a cap to the number of attendees we will take and a minimum required for the class to happen. In the event of low registration you will be refunded. Cancellation within one week of the training (so November 30 and later) will result in a non refund of registration fees. 

The class will be held in Wolfe City, Texas which is between Greenville and Bonham, North East of the D/FW, Texas metro area.